The Kovacs Commitment


 I have spoken to many people during the past few weeks. These are some of the key issues.

  • We need safe streets, vibrant neighborhoods, successful businesses and community associations. 
  • Public safety and community based policing are essential to keeping our neighbourhoods safe.
  • Modern recreational facilities, municipal services and safe, clean parks are essential.
  • We need an efficient transportation system that includes bike routes, and clean, safe, affordable buses that run on time and move people safely around the ward.
  • Traffic calming measures, safe streets for children, the elderly, pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Efficient snow and ice removal so that we can move about safely is crucial. We need to do better to keep our sidewalks and streets clean.  Complete streets and Vision Zero safety are mandatory.

Community input and engagement in important decisions is essential. As the new Official Plan is being developed, the community’s views are necessary. Secondary and Community Development Plans and heritage districts must be respected.  I will:

  1. Open a Community Office where my bilingual staff and I can meet and help people
  2. Establish an "Advisory Council" of community associations and stakeholders for input
  3. Donate 10% of my annual Councillor's salary to not-for-profit organizations in Ward 13
  4. Refuse to accept the $7,000 annual travel expense allowance given to City Councillors

As your Councillor I will always be approachable, effective and on your side. I will constantly encourage community input by working with community associations, holding public meetings and town halls. I will open a Community Office where people can come to meet me and talk about issues, concerns and problems that need to be solved, and establish a Ward Advisory Council consisting of community associations and stakeholders that will hold regular meetings to receive your input on issues, concerns, problems and opportunities because you know what’s best for your streets and neighborhood.

My background working in a municipal legal department, local advocate, community volunteer and legal experience with a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of municipal and planning law will enable me to be a strong advocate for the residents of Rideau-Rockcliffe.