We live in an amazing city. We need our voices heard at City Hall. The most important job I have as your city councillor is to listen to you. The most valuable thing I can give you is my time.  I'm here to be your voice, to represent you and stand up for you and Rideau-Rockcliffe Ward. Here's what I stand for:

Vibrant neighbourhoods: Community livability, affordable housing and transit, public toilets, free Wi-Fi, clean green spaces, vibrant festivals and events, support for local businesses, and fairness for tenants and landlords.

Safe streets / communities: Better snow clearing and roads, pedestrian and cyclist safety, community policing and Neighbourhood Watch to combat petty crimes, car break-ins, bike thefts and property crime in our ward.

Sustainable development: Advocating for common-sense urban planning that reflects future needs while respecting community design plans and preserving the unique character and history of our neighbourhoods.

Community consultations: Citizens need to be heard and represented on city-led initiatives, and provide their input on neighbourhood construction, residential development proposals, zoning, planning and bylaws.

I know that these issues are very important to you for the betterment of our city. That's why I want to be your voice and ally at City Hall. I need your help to grow a vibrant community together.